In accordance with the CAF Statutes, the government must authorize FIF to organize the CAN, with a commitment to make available to FIF, and therefore to COCAN 2023, its agent, the resources needed to stage the event, based on specifications drawn up by the Confederation. Thus, the Government undertakes to set up all the necessary infrastructures and to cover all the organizational expenses. For this reason, the State rightly exercises a right of oversight over all COCAN 2023 activities, hence the periodic reports it is obliged to send to the Prime Minister, Head of Government, and the Minister for Sport. On this basis, the Prime Minister has issued a decree creating an inter-ministerial committee responsible for setting up the infrastructure. This committee, chaired by the Prime Minister himself, includes, in addition to the Minister in charge of sports, who acts as vice-chairman, all the relevant ministries, as well as the President of FIF and the President of COCAN 2023.